Return policy

Return Policy

In payment for the workshops, there is an item provided such as a registration fee. This small amount of 50 EUR is paid in advance and is included in the payment for the workshop itself.

This fee is a mutual guarantee. For you, a seat in a mini-group is reserved. (For better results, the number of participants in our trainings is strictly limited, this is the principle of the company.)

We, in turn, are convinced of the seriousness of your intention to undergo the training in our company.

If, after paying a fee, for some personal reason you decided not to visit the training, the amount of the registration fee will not be refunded. This is a common practice in any field. If you agreed with a person - then you agreed.

In addition, the fee is also the payment of the time and labor of our managers.

For you, the training starts on specific dates.

For us - much earlier. When we conduct an interview or draw up documents - we are already working with you. And this work is paid.


If you paid the workshop in full, but for some reason you cannot get there - at least 3 days in advance, please inform the manager about it. And then you will be able to visit the workshop closest in terms without additional payments.

If you changed your mind about taking the training and want to take the money back, if you warned us about it at least 4 days in advance - we will refund you the whole amount, minus the registration fee. Participation in the training may be rescheduled no more than 1 time. In the event of cancellation of training (from our part), the paid amount will be returned to the participant in full. In no other case, even the most respectful, payment is not refundable.


Individual work with the Master

If you came to us for a consultation or any other one-to-one tuition, and then after passing it, you decided that "it did not help you" – please do not ask to give you money back.

Will you demand to return the money in the store for the chocolate you eat because you did not eat your fill?

Will you refuse to pay a hairdresser for a haircut because it did not fit you and you were expecting "something else"?

Will you take the money back from a foreign language teacher who taught you faithfully, and you, for example, were too lazy to do your homework?

Why, then, is it possible to demand money back for individual work with a coach if the result does not suit you?

Webinars and Broadcasts:

If you bought a participation in an online training, but in the middle of the program you "lost all desire", "was not able to", refused to perform tasks, etc., and then decided to leave at all - the money is not refundable.

First you chose to take training from us and paid money for it. Then you changed your mind and decided to stop training. This is your decision, and it has a price.

In our opinion, talking about the benefits of the program, leaving halfway and not reaching the end, is incorrect. To demand money back in this case is incorrect too.

We work on proven technologies that have helped - and help so far! – to a huge number of our listeners.

We admit that we cannot always justify the expectations or representations of people on the results that should be according to their understanding. But we work in good faith and 100% with everyone who comes to us. And we consider nonsense to return money for the work done.

Working with a coach - individual or in a group - is always based on trust. We take care of people who come to us to grow and develop, and appreciate their trust in us. Such participants always have the best results.

And moreover, we like our work very much and want to be valued in the same way as we do. Thank you!

When making a refund, it is MANDATORY to write an application on behalf of the payer and indicate all the data necessary for the performance of the return transaction.

The application form can be requested from the manager at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Training on accredited programs:

Between the trainee and the training company a bilateral agreement is signed in the presence of both parties, or the remote party scans the contract signed personally and sends it electronically to the address of the company.

In case of disagreement and disputes related to the performance of the terms of this Agreement, the parties resolve them through negotiations.